Solution Development

Redback Consulting have a long history in the delivery of bespoke solutions for ERP in the areas of Human Resources and Finance related areas, as well as Customer Relationship Management and Grants.  In addition, we have established strong capabilities through our solution labs in emerging enabling technologies including HTML5 for the delivery of usable, accessible and innovative user experience, as well as integration including SAP PI and HANA Cloud Integration.

We have a dedicated Solution  and Innovation Lab, which, in collaboration with Redback Consulting resources are currently developing solutions for business for SAP On Premise, SAP Cloud and SuccessFactors, as well as bespoke solutions for the challenges facing business today.

In addition to the delivery of out of the box solutions we are also able to provide the capability to utilise our Solution Labs and solution delivery expertise and history to clients and other consulting firms through our NearSource service.  Nearsource allows our customers to reduce the cost of development through a innovative capability offering that provides the best of onsite analysis, design and support, together with off-site development, but with no outside access to your systems, in order to provide high quality design and build services at a lower cost to customers.